How has COVID Impacted the Size of Your Team?

How has COVID Impacted the Size of Your Team?

ErnieHumphreyErnieHumphrey Administrator Posts: 41 admin
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  • BasabBasab Member Posts: 3

    Team size in our Organization remains the same, it is a small team anyway. I guess Treasury would perhaps be one of the smallest teams in most organizations, regardless of the sign of the Organization

  • ErnieHumphreyErnieHumphrey Administrator Posts: 41 admin

    Yes, Treasury is a small team normally, but often we are seen as overhead.

  • jsoltanijsoltani Member Posts: 4

    We had one team member furloughed but through operational efficiencies implemented and working remotely, we've been able to keep up. The issue now however is a matter of risk to the department due to further turnover or even an employee taking vacations or falling ill.

  • russellrussell Member Posts: 1

    I have seen very little change in core treasury team staffing levels. Definitely some concern that staff are struggling to work remotely indefinitely under high pressure with little change to take time off or have a break.

  • crivera50crivera50 Member Posts: 1

    Treasury dept is an essential part of a Finance organization and I don't see any downsizing of what's historically been a small dept. In many discussions with my peers, no one in Treasury has been laid off or furloughed as Treasury is an effective department with critical responsibilities that's usually understaffed.

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