Finance Trends & Disruption Podcast

Finance Trends & Disruption Podcast

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I would love your input relative to topics you would like to see my cover on the Finance Trends & Disruption Podcast.

The Finance Trends & Disruption podcast was designed to deliver the truth of what matters, and what should really matter to the Office of the CFO. We will explore current and emerging trends, separate hype from reality, and take on topics that some may see as controversial. The truth matters.

Here are the topics for episodes already recorded that are coming your way:

Episode 1--- The Art of Business Partnering as a CFO in the New Remote Reality, Anders Liu-Lindberg, CMO & COO, Business Partnering Institute

Episode 2---- Managing Cash in the Midst of a Global Pandemic, Craig Jeffrey, Managing Director, Strategic Treasurer

Episode 3--- Getting Paid in the New Normal- Communication is King Anthony Venus, CEO, YayPay

Episode 4--- Back to The Future: A Noise-Free Finance Community, John Kogan Director, Armanino

Episode 5---  Delivering Success as a Finance Leader in the Next Normal, Jeff Johnson, CFO, Smart Care Equipment Solutions

Episode 6---Leveraging Robust Planning to Deliver Business Agility, Jermey Linn, CFO, Centage

Episode 7-- CFO Dimensions- Succession, Transformation, Communication Kate Scolnick, VP Finance, Anaplan


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